Is button cell small and powerful?

Because button cell's power is not very large, it can be exported to sea as a general commodity if it meets the relevant requirements, so many people ignore its harmfulness. Although button cell is small in size, its explosive power is not smaller than that of battery, and because of the small size of button cell, it is easy for children to eat it by mistake.

In Australia, the button cell incident has killed 3 children and seriously injured 44 others. Every month, more than 1 child is seriously injured by swallowing or inserting batteries. This type of battery leads to an increasing number of serious child casualties. For this reason, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a mandatory standard on button cell, and ACCC also advocated consumers to inspect unsafe button cell goods at home.

According to the mandatory safety and information standards, goods must have a safe battery compartment to prevent children from touching batteries. Manufacturers must conduct compliance tests, show batteries in child-proof outer packaging, and put additional warnings and emergency suggestions on the outer packaging and instructions.
Button/coin batteries refer to flat round single batteries. They usually reach 32mm in diameter and range from 1-11mm in height.
Button/coin batteries usually run on one of these 4 chemicals: lithium, alkaline, silver oxide and zinc air.
Lithium batteries are the most risky. They are usually larger, which means they are more likely to get stuck in children's throats, and their higher voltage means they can cause tissue damage more quickly.
Therefore, the power of button battery is no less than that of other batteries, which should not be underestimated. As one of the battery international logistics service providers, Top Bull always adheres to the mission of "safe and efficient, making China's battery import and export worry-free" in the import and export transportation of batteries, and the professional operation process makes customers' consigned goods worry-free throughout the whole process.