Is it difficult to declare and inspect battery products? Wha

We Top Bull are specialized in international transportation, customs declaration, commodity inspection and other one-stop services for battery products, including dry cells, batteries, photocells, lithium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, fuel cell sea, solar cells, rechargeable batteries, button batteries, battery pack accessories, etc., to provide you with one-stop transportation solutions for the import and export of battery products, which are safe, convenient and save transportation costs for you.

What can we do for you when you find Top Bull?
1. Battery export customs declaration: the procedures are simple and convenient, which can help to handle all necessary documents economically, and handle relevant formalities in a safe and timely manner.
2. Battery import customs declaration: various forms, including normal agent customs declaration for general trade, tax package agent customs declaration for Top Bull, and bulk cargo express customs declaration.
3. 24x7 one-stop services
Operation process of customs declaration:
1. Customs declaration shall generally go through the following four steps, namely declaration, inspection, taxation and release.
2. At present, all ports have realized paperless customs declaration process. The client has prepared electronic documents in PDF format. The documents are required to be clear, complete and have the official seal of the business unit. As the paperless commodity inspection by the customs also requires normal declaration, it is necessary to provide the power of attorney for inspection and the bill of lading. If it is a legally inspected commodity, it is also necessary to provide the paperless customs clearance process of the original certificate of origin, the Dynamic inspection certificate after plant inspection certificate and other foreign original certificates.
3. The agent customs broker uses the upgraded entry system for electronic entry.
4. Send electronic information to customs and electronic documents at the same time.
5. Confirm the tariff amount after the electronic receipt, and pay taxes through online payment.
6. Electronic release after customs examination
Stamp the customs release seal on the D/O sheet on site

Precautions for customs declaration and inspection:
1. For smooth customs clearance, please fill in the specific name, accessories and materials of the goods, not just the words "accessories" or "samples".
2. The sender should fill in the full name. The sender must sign the waybill and fill in the actual delivery date.
3. The contract terms of express waybill (scope of liability, maximum amount of liability insurance, difficult pieces) shall be indicated on the back of the waybill of each major express company.

If you want to know more about other details of the customs declaration and inspection of battery products, you can contact the exclusive customer service of Top Bull Logistics. Top Bull has accumulated valuable experience in the import and export operation of batteries, and can tailor a cost-effective and fast transportation mode for customers according to their different needs. We also feeds back the cargo information to customers in real time, and the professional operation process allows customers to have no worries about the whole process of consigned cargo!