What are the requirements for the packaging of batteries exp

  Battery packaging requirements:
1. Lithium ion battery. battery core: no lithium battery operation label needs to be attached to the inner box within 2.7W. The battery can be packaged separately, and the outer box does not exceed 2.5KG.
2. Lithium ion battery cell: 2.7WH-20WH, 8 pieces/box 20WH-100WH 2 pcs/box. The inner box is labeled with lithium battery operation label. The synthetic outer box is less than 10KG/box
3. 2. Lithium ion battery: 2.7W-100W, 2 pieces/box, the inner box is labeled with lithium battery operation label, and the synthetic outer box is less than 10KG/box.
4. Other types of dry battery: the battery is separately insulated and packaged. The inner and outer boxes do not need to be labeled with battery operation labels, and the single box is controlled below 10KG.
5. The packing box shall be firm and able to pass the 1.2M drop test. The battery outlet shall not damage the battery, move the internal objects, or expose the internal objects.
6. The battery must have the model, battery shipping, voltage and capacity. The single box of battery cannot exceed 2.5KG, and the weight of a single battery cannot exceed 2.5KG.
7. Small batteries must be isolated with anti-static bags or foam bags or small paper boxes. (Transparent bags are not acceptable) The inner packaging of large batteries must be isolated with foam. Battery delivery, batteries with wires must be sealed with wire ends. Battery cells must be packed layer by layer with plastic boxes, and the terminals cannot be exposed. The outer packing carton is thin, soft, round and irregular, and the outer packing is not acceptable. The battery must be transported and the pure battery must be packed in thick cartons. 
8. The size of lithium battery operation label: 105 * 74MM. The battery operation label must be straight, flat and not twisted.
9. The packaging requirements of lithium metal battery shall be implemented according to the packaging requirements of lithium ion battery.    
10. The battery type can not exceed two types in a single box. Common goods and batteries need to be packed in separate boxes, not mixed, and can be delivered in the same order.
11. Outer box identification: the outer box of goods shall not have the identification of dangerous goods (aviation identification 1-9 danger identification) The following labels shall be affixed to the outer box: battery operation label of the outer box+consignee and shipper information+ATTENTION.    
12.Document requirements: the category (lithium battery, dry battery), type (PI965-PI970), battery transportation, power (current * voltage) of battery shall be noted on the waybill, packing list and invoice.

1. IATA电池d包装术语:  
Packaging terms for IATA batteries:
UN3090,锂金属电池(lithium metal batteries)                
UN3480,锂离子电池(lithium ion batteries)                
UN3091,锂金属电池安装在设备中(lithium metal batteries contained in equipment)
UN3091,锂金属电池与设备包装在一起(lithium metal batteries packed with equipment)
UN3481,锂离子电池安装在设备中(lithium ion batteries contained in equipment)
UN3481,锂离子电池与设备包装在一起(lithium ion batteries packed with equipment)
 PI965: Lithium ion battery, cell, battery pack (pure battery)  
PI966: Lithium ion battery, battery cell packaged with equipment (Matching battery)   
 PI967: Lithium ion battery installed in equipment - Battery cell (built-in battery) 
PI968: Lithium metal battery, cell, battery pack (pure battery)  
PI969: Lithium metal battery, battery cell packaged with equipment (Matching battery)  
PI970: Lithium metal battery installed in equipment. Battery cell (built-in battery)   

Battery: two or more battery cells connected together by circuit and equipped with necessary devices for use, such as shell and electrode terminal;
Battery cell: a single, closed electrochemical device consisting of a positive electrode and a negative electrode with potential difference between the two electrodes. Regardless of these rules and United Nations test standards and manuals, such electrochemical units are called "batteries" or "single cell batteries". In our rules and United Nations test standards and manuals, they are called "battery cells" rather than batteries. Single cell battery is considered as "battery cell", which shall be treated as battery cell during UN38.3 test“.

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