One-stop door-to-door DDP service

Top Bull are specialized in one-stop door-to-door DDP services such as international sea/air transportation, customs declaration and commodity inspection of batteries. Our products include dry cell sea/air transportation, battery sea/air LCL transportation, photocell sea/air LCL transportation, lithium battery sea/air transportation, nickel metal hydride battery sea/air transportation, nickel cadmium battery sea/air transportation, fuel cell sea/air transportation, solar cell sea/air transportation Rechargeable battery shipping/air transportation, button battery shipping/air transportation, battery pack accessories sea shipping/air LCL transportation, etc. Also we provide you with a one-stop door to door DDP transportation scheme, which is safe and convenient, and saves you transportation costs.

Battery sea/air door-to-door DDP service contents of Top Bull Logistics:
●Provide battery shipping/air door to door DDP service (professional LCL service for dangerous goods).
●Provide battery sea air combined transport, sea rail combined transport services, inquiry and booking space.
●The battery product cargo insurance is provided, and the loss and damage of goods are within the scope of protection, with high safety.
●Provide overseas storage of battery products, support one piece delivery and terminal delivery, and realize the "last mile" to your home.
●Provide one-stop door-to-door DDP battery sea/air transportation services, from professional picking up, sea transportation, customs declaration, overseas customs clearance, destination port trailer, overseas warehousing, one piece delivery and other full range door-to-door operations, wholeheartedly saving customers’ worry and trouble.
●Enterprises and manufacturers with incomplete certificates required for the import and export transportation of batteries can assist in handling dangerous package certificates, performance certificates, MSDS and other certificates to help customers export in compliance.
The advantages of one-stop door-to-door DDP service of Top Bull international logistics for Batteries:
●More than ten years of experience in the logistics industry, focusing on one-stop door-to-door DDP service of battery international logistics.
●Battery shipping/air transport door-to-door DDP services follow up the arrival time, customs declaration process, customs release time, subsequent bill change, customs clearance, ship arrival time, delivery, etc.
●Professional overseas Chinese operation, communication barrier free, operation and feedback, and the overall efficiency of overseas warehousing is higher.
●Professional overseas Chinese operation, communication barrier free, operation and feedback, and the overall efficiency of overseas warehousing is higher.
You only need to deliver the goods to us, which is safe, worry-free and cost-effective; If the information is not complete, we can help you to handle the information, which will save you a lot of unnecessary time. Other difficult and complicated problems can be solved by professional customer service and operators of Top Bull Logistics.