Ultra-power battery LCL and FCL

Top Bull Logistics focuses on the LCL&FCL cabinets of super-power batteries. And we have ten years’ experience in international logistics of batteries, which is controlled by six professional teams and underwritten by three major insurance companies, only for safe and efficient import and export of batteries. The international logistics special line for the export of super-power batteries can take dry batteries, batteries, photocells, lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, rechargeable batteries, mobile phone batteries, button batteries, battery pack accessories, mobile power rechargeable lithium batteries sea and air transportation, lithium batteries FBA sea transportation, notebook batteries, mobile phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, button batteries, storage battery and other super power batteries can be transported to more than 200 countries by sea, covering Europe, America, Britain, Australia, Japan, etc.

For transportation of combined and whole cabinets of super power batteries, solid rigid outer packaging shall be used, and additional marks and labels may be required according to the type of lithium batteries.
It is important to ensure that the batteries are free of any defects and damage, and will not generate heat, spontaneous combustion or short circuit and other potential hazardous situations when preparing the ultrapower battery container and the whole container of goods to the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Japan, etc.

There are two things to pay attention to when sending super power battery LCL container and FCL container to all parts of the world, one is on the product packaging, the other is on the product declaration. In terms of product packaging, due to the reason of the super power lithium battery, it is necessary to use specific packaging materials for packaging and insulation treatment. In terms of declaration, pure batteries are a kind of goods that are strictly inspected by the customs of various countries. In addition to providing detailed customs clearance documents, compliance declaration is also required to avoid goods being detained.

For enterprises and manufacturers with incomplete certificates required for the international transportation of ultra-power battery containers and whole containers, we can assist them in handling the dangerous package certificate, performance certificate, MSDS and other certificates to help customers export in compliance with regulations. Top Bull has accumulated valuable experience in the operation of dangerous goods, and can tailor a cost-effective, fast and safe transportation mode for customers according to their different needs. We also timely feed back the cargo information to customers in the most effective way, and the professional operation process ensures that customers have no worries about the whole process of consigned cargo!