Electric Vehicle Maintenance

With an international freight forwarding license approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Top Bull Logistics has been rooted in the international logistics of dangerous goods for more than 10 years and is committed to providing safe, efficient and punctual one-stop cross-border logistics solutions for the global battery industry. Our business covers all major ports in China, providing customers at home and abroad with professional logistics services such as customs declaration, customs clearance, battery shipping booking, battery shipping container consolidation, dangerous goods declaration, international air transportation, international express, China-Hong Kong logistics, overseas warehouse one piece delivery, EMU maintenance, freight insurance, etc.
We aspire to become a global logistics solution provider in the battery field and build a world-class cross-border logistics enterprise with complete domestic and overseas networks, leading industry position and strong brand appeal.

Top Bull can provide maintenance services for electric vehicles in overseas warehouses. For the maintenance of electric vehicles, self inspection can be carried out according to the following conditions:

1. The instrument displays normally and the motor does not rotate--
Fault cause: brake handle, speed regulating handle, motor and controller are damaged.
2. The motor sometimes stops and sometimes turns--
Cause of failure: the battery voltage is in the critical state of under-voltage, the battery connector is in poor contact, the speed regulating handle wire is in poor contact, the brake power off switch is in failure, the power lock is damaged, the contact is poor, the line connector is poorly connected, the components in the controller are not firmly welded, and the carbon brush and the lead wire group in the motor have faulty soldering.
3. The motor does not rotate and the instrument does not display--
Cause of failure: burnt fuse tube, damaged battery, open circuit of faulty soldering of battery line, damaged power lock, battery electric shock or poor contact of plug.

If your electric vehicle encounters the above or other problems that need to be repaired after arriving at the overseas warehouse of Top Bull, you can consult the one-on-one customer service of us, and we will provide you with electric vehicle maintenance services and provide you with high-quality service experience.

Top Bull can tailor the affordable, fast and safe transportation mode for customers according to their different needs. We timely feedback the goods information to our customers in the most effective way, and the professional operation process ensures that the goods consigned by our customers are worry-free!