Drop Shipping of Overseas Warehouse

Logistics problems have always been the bottleneck of e-commerce sellers’ development. In addition to transportation problems, inventory management and order processing also consume a lot of time and energy of sellers. In order to enable e-commerce sellers to focus more on sales, on the basis of international transportation services, we Top Bull have provided more comprehensive overseas warehousing solutions, one-stop service, which can provide the drop shipping service and overall reduce the comprehensive logistics costs of e-commerce sellers.

Top Bull’s overseas warehousing services include the following contents: goods inspection, labeling, goods storage, order processing, goods shipment, packaging materials, return processing, etc. We can also customize some services according to customers’ personalized needs.
With the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce, one piece delivery of overseas warehouses has gradually become the preferred logistics method for cross-border e-commerce.

Compared with the traditional direct shipment from China, the overseas warehouse of Top Bull has the following advantages:
1. Reduce the comprehensive logistics cost. The overseas warehouse can deliver the goods by one piece, and the first journey can be transported by sea, which greatly reduces the cost of cross-border transportation. The heavier the goods, the more obvious the freight cost savings.
2. Improve the stability of logistics and reduce the poor evaluation rate of logistics. Overseas warehouse delivery is basically the scope of domestic transportation, which does not involve customs clearance, and the stability of logistics has been greatly enhanced.
3. It is convenient to return and exchange goods, realizing transnational sales and local services. Traditionally, goods are delivered directly from China, and the cost of return and replacement is very high. Therefore, for many sellers, once there is a product quality problem or a wrong delivery problem, the loss is very large. However, using the overseas warehouse one piece delivery service can reduce the cost of return and replacement to a large extent, making your store/product more competitive.

In addition to the above advantages, the overseas warehouse of Top Bull also has the following characteristics:
1. We have a monitoring and early warning system, and counts in the warehouse every week to avoid more than 98% of wrong and missing deliveries;
2. The overseas warehouse has many high-quality cooperative logistics providers in the local area, which is convenient, fast and cost saving;
3. Overseas Chinese teams are specially equipped with full-time customer service, flexible and efficient communication, and timely follow-up.

Top Bull has accumulated valuable experience in the operation of issuing one drop shipping of overseas warehouse, and can tailor a cost-effective, fast and safe transportation mode for customers according to their different needs. We timely feed back the cargo information to customers in the most effective way, and the professional operation process ensures that customers have no worries about the whole process of consigned cargo!