Battery Logistics Integrated Services

One-stop service for battery product compliance to go to sea safely and efficiently

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Six services to ensure the development of cross-border e-commerce to add momentum

  • Guaranteed timeliness

    Commitment to regular pickup, overtime must pay, overtime payout at $1/KG/day. Self-operated trucking fleet, 2-3 days for tail-haul delivery

  • Shipping is guaranteed

    24-hour butler service, real-time monitoring of the whole process of goods, to provide risk warning, to ensure the safety of goods

  • Customs clearance is guaranteed

    Professional customs clearance team 1 to 1 full service, 7*24 hours customs clearance, special cargo clearance rate of 95%

  • Guaranteed prices

    Our company promises that there will be no secondary charges, and 100% compensation for the loss of goods transported by sea double clear to the door

  • Guaranteed service

    The company's senior logistics consultants have an average of 5-8 years of experience, tailoring logistics solutions to meet customer needs

  • Reputation is guaranteed

    We have maintained strategic cooperation with more than 5,000 corporate customers and have an excellent reputation in the industry, and can meet the transportation needs of different cargoes

Service Flow

  • Free Consultation

    Dedicated customer service line with one-on-one service

  • Acceptance Of Commission

    Signing of professional transport contracts

  • Door-To-Door Pickup And Delivery

    Pick up at home or deliver to branch

  • Professional Packaging

    Professional packaging and registration for shipping

  • Logistics

    Start a logistic transport journey

  • Home Delivery/Pickup

    Home delivery / pick-up and payment


Battery Product Shipping Solutions

Providing safe, efficient and on-time one-stop cross-border logistics solutions for the global battery industry

About TopBull International

TopBull Cross Border

TopBull International

Ltd. is a comprehensive service provider focusing on cross-border logistics, dedicated to providing safe, efficient, accurate and on-time one-stop cross-border logistics solutions for the global battery industry.
Our business covers major ports in China, inland economically developed cities and Hong Kong, China, providing domestic and foreign customers with full customs clearance at "sea, land and air" ports and second-line ports, warehousing in Hong Kong and the mainland, local and port transportation in Hong Kong, China-Hong Kong logistics, dangerous goods booking, dangerous goods declaration, dangerous goods packaging, dangerous goods reinforcement and Import and export cargo customs clearance, inspection, inspection, insurance, forwarding, warehousing, container consolidation and unpacking, and dangerous goods door-to-door professional logistics services. We aspire to be a global logistics solution provider in the field of batteries, and to build a complete network at home and abroad, with a leading position in the industry...

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FBA Headway Logistics FAQ