The battery is transported to Japan by air

Top Bull Logistics is a professional agent for air transportation of battery products to Japan, customs declaration, commodity inspection and other one-stop door-to-door DDP services. The products include dry battery air transportation, battery air transportation, photocell air transportation, lithium battery air transportation, nickel hydrogen battery air transportation, nickel cadmium battery air transportation, fuel cell air transportation, solar cell air transportation, rechargeable battery air transportation, mobile phone battery air transportation, button battery air transportation, battery pack accessories air transportation and other battery air transportation to Japan.

For the above products, the customer shall provide the MSDS, UN 38.3 test certificate (lithium battery air transport) and transport appraisal certificate. For enterprises and manufacturers whose certificates are not complete when the batteries are transported to Japan by air, Top Bull Logistics can assist in handling dangerous package certificates, performance certificates, MSDS and other certificates to help customers transport to Japan in compliance with regulations. Welcome to call for advice!
According to the situation of the goods, we can arrange takeoff services in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places for you to achieve fair prices, transparent charges, buy it now prices, and no additional fees. Top Bull has more than ten years of experience in air transportation to Japan by air, professional transportation, high safety, and freight insurance according to the value of goods.

Top Bull Logistics can tailor a cost-effective, fast and safe transportation mode for customers according to their different needs We timely feed back the cargo information to customers in the most effective way, and the professional operation process ensures that customers have no worries about the whole process of consigned goods!