Lead acid batteries exported to Britain

Batteries can be divided into many types, such as lithium batteries, photocells, dry batteries, button batteries, new energy batteries, lead-acid batteries and other battery products. The application scenarios of each type of battery are also different. Lithium batteries can be seen everywhere in our daily life: lithium battery electric bicycles, lithium battery electric scooters, intelligent sweeping robots, etc. Today we are talking about lead-acid batteries. What should we pay attention to when exporting lead-acid batteries to the UK?

Precautions for export of lead-acid batteries to Britain:
As one of the important power of electric vehicles, lead-acid batteries are commonly used as transportation, communication facilities, vehicles, ships and other aspects. Their electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides. The electrolyte is an acid solution battery. Lead acid batteries are classified as the eighth category of corrosive dangerous goods, with UN number 2794. The export to Britain must follow the process of dangerous goods.
Application elements of lead-acid battery: (1) product name; (2) Brand type; (3) Export situation; (4) Purpose; (5) Material; (6) Brand [Chinese and foreign language]; (7) Model; (8) Capacity; (9) Whether it contains mercury; (10) Rated voltage; (11)GTIN; (12)CAS; (13) For other non mandatory elements, please report according to the actual situation.
The application process for the danger package certificate of lead-acid batteries: first, apply for the classification and identification report of the hazardous characteristics of lead-acid batteries; Apply for dangerous package certificate after obtaining the package performance sheet; The customs shall review the application qualification of the dangerous package certificate, and issue the dangerous package certificate after verifying that it is correct; After obtaining the dangerous package certificate, the enterprise can arrange the shipping space booking and subsequent customs declaration.
Special precautions for lead-acid batteries exported to Britain:
1. The electric energy stored in the battery is likely to cause fire if the electrode is short circuited;
2. The electrolyte leakage will cause corrosion, so the packaging of the battery itself must be qualified, and its outer packaging must also be arranged according to the requirements of the battery transportation regulations;
3.Lead acid batteries can be divided into acidic, alkaline and sealed containers according to their electrolyte composition. Special attention must be paid to separating acidic and alkaline batteries during shipment.

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