Customs clearance of built-in battery


Standards to be known for customs declaration and clearance of balance car, electric car, scooter and other built-in battery products:
The lithium-ion battery pack is installed in the vehicle (not separately packaged)
Note: the appraisal result is UN3171. If the appraisal price of the certificate is not UN3171, please ask for confirmation!
1. Battery power: no requirement
2. Packaging requirements: ordinary packaging
3. Category of dangerous goods: Class 9
4. Requirements for external package label Requirements for external package label: 10 * 10CM Class 9 dangerous goods
5. Receiving and inspection requirements: brand, model, capacity, voltage and power; Whether the product battery is installed in the vehicle
6. Requirements for import to the United States: MSDS/UN38.3/Marine Identification Report
7. Requirements for import to Canada: MSDS/UN38.3/Marine Identification Report
8. Requirements for importing into Britain: electric vehicles are anti-dumping products
9. Requirements for import into Europe: electric vehicles are anti-dumping products
10. Requirements for import to Japan: MSDS/UN38.3/marine identification report/dangerous goods certificate/detailed shipment data/detailed pictures
11. Requirements for importing to Australia: the vehicle with a speed of more than 7km/h is considered as a means of transportation, and the customer needs to apply to the transportation department for permission. The specific requirements vary from state to state, depending on the specific situation

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